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Hallelujah!!! I Closed !!!!!

This has been quite a process but with hard work and by the Grace of God I closed this past Friday, 09-28-2012.  I have been on such a high that I didn't get around to posting.  I must say that investing in myFICO was a resource that has paid for itself multiple times over.  If I could you give one bit of encouragement to anyone it would be to keep pressing toward your dream.  I started this process almost 2 years ago with an Equifax score of 488...  Yes that's not a typo... 488...  And today I can finally say that I am the owner of a newly built home !!!!!!!    I closed with a VA Loan at 3.5% on a 30 year fix.  Getting those keys in my hands was a feeling I will always remember.

Starting Score: EQ 557 TU 624 EX 561 (March 2010)
Current Score: EQ 637 TU 649 EX 670
Goal Score: EQ 775 TU 775 EX 775

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