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Any Issues with USDA FL Funding and Turnaround Time???

Hi everyone! My husband and I are currently in the process of purchasing a new constructed home in St Cloud FL. We have been working with our LO since March 2012 and have had some issues with the LO. We were told on 9/28 that we were approved through the mortgage lender and they were in the process of submitting our file to USDA. It is now 10/02 and we have not heard anything as of yet.


I am getting nervous with regards to the 'funding issues" I keep reading as we are now in October and have read ther were going to be issues come September.


Is there anyone in here who have been approved with no issues through USDA last month? Anyone else waiting to hear any news with regards to their file status with USDA?? We would love to close on our home sometime this month! We have until the 18th to vacate our apartment since our LO informed us back in August that all was great and that we were okay to give our notice since we were due to close 9/28.


Now look where we are, with no knews as of yet........ Smiley Sad