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Re: September & October Closers

Got our appraisal in the mail, somewhat unexpectedly. I hadn't expected it until later this week, so it was a... uh... "pleasant" surprise when it arrived early.


We opened it a bit shakily, since our friends just moved into the same community a few weeks before us. Their house (new construction) appraised $30K less than their contract price, and it took two weeks, a storage unit, and bunking up with neighbors to get it all straightened out. Ever since that, we've been terrified at what our appraisal might be, since they bought a home that was midway through construction and didn't have the opportunity to add as many options as we did.


Huge sigh of relief when we saw that our house had appraised for $20 more than our contract price.... if you haven't gone through this yet, I can't tell you how awesome that feels.


We sign off on the home completion on Oct. 15, and close on October 22nd. Hopefully smooth sailing from here on out--our first home! 

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