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Re: USDA loan in Florida

Congratulations ToyaD!!


Now I'm worried as from what you stated that means you've been waiting for over a month to hear any news. I just found out today that our file has still not been turned over to USDA for underwriting!!! I am furious at how our LO has handled our file.


Since we are knee deep with the whole process, we don't want to back out and try to find another lender. We've been dealing with the purchase of our home since March!! Here we are October 3rd and nothing! Plus, we have until the 18th of this month to vacate our apartment since our LO told us it was okay to do so back in early August! How does a LO say that to a client and not have an actual date of closing set in place?!?! We've been constantly asking for answers to our questions all to no avail.


The happy and excited feeling of purchasing a brand new home is slowly turning into fear and frustration!!! Smiley Sad