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Re: Any Issues with USDA FL Funding and Turnaround Time???

Oh wow azstar I am so sorry to hear that! How frustrating it must be!! pag41989 we too are getting that same issue. Except, finally I got an answer today and of course NOT what I wanted to hear!! Apparently out LO has YET to submit our file over to USDA for final approval!!!! I am FURIOUS! Now I defintely know for sure we are NOT closing prior to the 18th of this month! 


azstar the only difference here is at lease we have my in-laws we could stay with, ut for how long?? What an inconvenience this will be as we have two kids and its a 3 bedroom home but my sister-in-law still lives with them. How are we all going to fit comfortably in a small home? Apparently the hold up is they have not been able to verify my previous employer. What I do not understand is how can one be "conditionally approved" PRIOR to verification of employement?!?! First we receive our letter that we were conditionally approved and the condition were met with no issues, but we still have to go through ANOTHER in-house underwriting BEFORE having our file go to USDA???


This wonderful experience of purchasing a new home is slowly becoming a nightmare!!


Could you both please keep us posted? I will continue to do so!


Lets ALL hope for the best and pray the good Lord will bless us with a home!! Smiley Happy


Many blessings to you to azstar Smiley Happy