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Re: My home buying thread!!

So much mortgage related drama yesterday. Mortage broker called yesterday to give me the bad news. Or at least he thought it was bad news, I was relieved that it was such an easy fix. He said the only way the underwriter would sign off on the file was if I took my student loans out of forbearance and made a payment. He would need a copy of the confirmation where the payment was made and a copy of the statement from the bank showing the payment coming out of my bank account. He told me that if I was willing to do that, sallie mae sometimes takes 30-45 days to get the loans back in repayment status so that would push back our closing date. I called Sallie Mae yesterday at 4:30, they changed the payment status on my loans, and by 5:00 I had made the payment and sent confirmation to the mortgage broker. I'm not really sure why he thought this was such a problem, but it turned out to be easy. I don't think he understands that I would do almost anything to be in this house.

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