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Would like to buy, not sure my chances
As of now my eq fico is 622 ex is reporting 590 on their site and tran660 on their site. My experian is reporting 3 paid collections
My huge deal breaker is a car repo joint account for 18000 that was charged off June 2009 it was originally americredit and now it's gm financial. I have a poor credit history but since 2010 never late on my revolving debts. Car payments and cc i have had over 2 years.I have 2 cc I utilize and pay off or down every month. All my collections are paid except repo. I would like to get approved for FHA my income is 45000 salary steady employment. I believe I qualify DTI I am only looking for a home around 100,000 . I don't know how else to improve my scores. I am sending in GW letters and I even lucked out for a PFD on one account. How much will this repo hurt my chances for getting a loan. It will be close to 4 years old when I reapply for FHA