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Re: Would like to buy, not sure my chances
Yes I am still with in SOL . I live in ok which is 5 years. Next year will only be 4 years. I do question the accuracy of the debt and validity. The company has not tried to collect since they took the car. They sent me a notice after the car was sold. That was the extent of it. I don't know if Oklahoma is a right to cure because when they took the car they gave no warning. I'm waiting for them to get back with me. They still report every month and the amounts owed increase. 18000+ for a Kia optima? Really? Americredit. Yeah I will never go in on a subprime loan again. I guess when your 20 and dumb it seemed like a good idea. I wouldn't mind restablishing payment but to pay that off would take forever and is it worth it? Just a bummer because all I want is to buy a inexpensive house for my family. :/