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Re: What a mess! Do you think we'd qualify?



We were denied!  While my credit scores were within parameters, they weren't as high as they'd "like" to see them.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I had a feeling this was going to happen simply because my Loan Officer seemed completely disinterested in even communicating with us to start with. After taking a 4 day weekend and returning on Tuesday, I called him WEDNESDAY about the deletion letter I had emailed him MONDAY and he said "Let me look, I haven't checked my email."  WHAT?  And a pull after deletion probably would have improved my scores by at least a few points, if not more. If he had forwarded the letter to the UW like I asked him to, it would not have been an issue.  UGH!  So frustrated!


Anyway, my realtor suggested we go with a local mortgage company so we're gonna give them a shot. I submitted all my stuff tonight, and I'll be giving him a call once he's in office tomorrow.  My FH and I REFUSE to give up!


Wish us luck!

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