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Tax Returns/Owed Taxes and Mortgage

My questions are do I need two years full tax returns or one year?  My convern is my 2011 tax returns have a owed amount that I am paying on now but my 2012 I will recieve a refund.  Most likely will go to the unpaid 2011 portion.  I have been told in some cases I only need my last two years W2 and most recent tax returns.  


What is the best opiton for me given this situation.  I don't want this to hold anything up 

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Re: Tax Returns/Owed Taxes and Mortgage

I applied the begging of the year March 2012, that being said MB requested 2009,2010,2011 W2's and tax returns.  Most Lenders only require two years only.

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Re: Tax Returns/Owed Taxes and Mortgage

When we closed we were required to provide 2 years of W2's and 2 years Tax Returns The Lender will request the transcripts to make sure your stated income was reported.  It should not matter much if you owed and are making payments on 2011 as long as you are not in caivers, you should be good to go.