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Could be denied due to my taxes???? Need insight please

Hey all,


I submitted all my docs last weeks including my 1040 2011 tax returns.  I used a tax person who lived in cleveland and i live in columbus and he came highly recommended.  He explained that I could get a credit for depreciation of my car and that it's perfectly okay.   So he did my taxes and sent me some of my docs and that was the end of it.  Several months later (which is now) i decide to get a home and of course, they want my 1040.  So first i tried to find this guy and he was not responding, so i called the corporate office that he works for and advised that i need my 1040s and he is not being responsive.  So she sends them to me, and to my surprise i see tons of errors. First off he spelled my name wrong like 10 times(minor and exaggerated numbers) he spelled my car wrong and had the details wrong.  But most importantly he did a profit and loss statement and had my car depreciated at a loss of $31,000!!! I was livid so i wrote an LOE explaining that i have never owned

I have never owned a business and that i was unaware that he did my taxes in this manner.  So now my LO is questioning me about it and I don’t know what to do.  My coworker who used to be an EX-LO said that I could be denied due to not being able to verify my income.   I am so upset and just frustrated and I’m trying not to lose it at work but it is very very hard.  Is there anything I can do to rectify this? Please let me know thank you!

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