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Re: 2nd mortgage seen as open credit on Fico score


My credit score recently dropped because  I used a credit card to the maximum ($1,500) for my daughter's college expenses.  I paid it down, as of  today there is $400 on the balance.  It must have missed the reporting date.   Unfortunately, witth her new rent I accessed my overdraft line of credit last month ($2,000).  I paid $300 toward this and will pay $150-200 month over the payment of $50.  I re-adjusted my budget to accommodate these changes so there will not be an issue going forward.  Is there anything else you suggest to help me regain a higher credit score?


I have a score of 719 now and I have a interest only first mortgage ($650,000) and a 2nd mortgage ($123,300) that continues to show up  on this report /Fico score as an open  credit.  I'd like to get a 15 year or 30 year fixed including both balances.  On this amount of a loan a score like this will cost a thousand extra. 


Thanks for your help!