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I have full approval!!
So, I've posted here a couple of times but didn't receive much feedback.... But wanted to share this with you all. I got an email from my lender a couple days ago saying that I have full Approval. :-) we are now just awaiting the HUD paperwork. This was awesome news and I'm crazy excited. Is there anything else to expect?? I want to keep my guard up.... My closing is scheduled for two weeks out. Would love to hear from you!! Advice, bringing me down a level if needed, whatever you have for me.... Thanks in advance.
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Re: I have full approval!!

Well done, and congratulations. My advice to you would be to resolve not to sweat the petty stresses that will pop up between now and closing, and to enjoy the fruits of your success.

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Re: I have full approval!!

Congrats, I hope to be able to say that real soon.  My best advice is not to sweat the small stuff. This forum is here and we got your back and cheering for you.

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Re: I have full approval!!
Thanks everyone!!
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Re: I have full approval!!
That's awesome! It'll be smooth sailing from here!
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