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Re: Question on earnest money amount in CA
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The comps are really right on...  The realtor originally suggested 489.

the house is empty and it's a standard sell, I don't think it was a flip because the last sell recorded was 08/2003 but it has been updated with new floors and carpet,  with all that I would think they would be motivated. the reason the realtor said it might still be on the market is that it's a little ways from the freeway, maybe 5 miles not that  big of a deal to us. Honestly, he kind of scared us into a full price offer because of our deposit But we are comfortable with the price, we won't pay more than that Though.

Homes are starting to go a little faster but There are a lot of homes out there right now that we would be happy in but I'm just worried that we will run into the sames problem on the earnest deposit amount being too insignificant.