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Re: Need Help. I applied 2 days ago for a Wells Fargo Home Loan

looksbylatay wrote:

same day update.... received a call from LO from last bank I submitted an application. The issue is I am listed as an "auth user" of an amex that have never been late perfect payment history. The balance shown as 12000.00 this changed my debit ratio to 53. also I do not have any account older than 6 months.  Unsure of my next steps. any thoughts 

Accounts do not have enough history on your own. Looks like you are an authorize user on an account in great standing which in underwriters opinion is their to help boost your score. 


In my opinion you should wait another 6 months- year and build up your credit history. By then you should have a chance to raise your scores and clean up any negatives you have present if you have any.


Good Luck......

Good Luck
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