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Re: (Hopefully) My Journey to Homeownership (new: 10/8)

Wow, time flies, doesn't it?


My house is FINISHED! Smiley Surprised I'm shocked.  There are a series of walk-throughs this week and my final walk is scheduled for next Monday.  My closing is supposed to be at 2pm on 10/25, but I'm desperately hoping we can get it moved up; I have SO much to do before we can actually move in and that will only give me 6 days before I have to be out of my rental.


The LO has told me that I am fine credit-wise, nothing to worry about, but I know I won't believe it until the keys are in my hand.  Since the last credit pull, a major baddie has come off and my score has rebounded, so that's good.  I've just been worrying about keeping my utilization down to keep the DTI in check for the UW.


Majorly hoping that Lowe's decides to have a big Halloween appliance blowout sale with 0% for 18 months! Smiley LOL

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