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Re: USDA loan in Florida

Morning pag41989!


Any news as of yet?


We've waited this long since we've been back and forth with paperwork and numbers and providing them what was needed, my husband just didn't want to start ALL over again after what we've been going through. So far I've not heard anything from my LO to know if our file has finally been sent to USDA with the exception of last Friday early afternoon, his processor said all they needed from us was to to sign the "USDA Borrower's Certification" to give to their underwriter to determine if our file is FINALLY ready to be submitted over to USDA...  Smiley Indifferent


This is just ridiculous.... It is now Oct 8th and on the 18th we will be vacating our apartment and moving in with my in-laws while we wait. It can really be nerve wrecking not knowing where we will stand, espeically with 2 kids! In two weeks we are going to be "homeless"  Smiley Sad  Smiley Frustrated


Hope you'll get your news soon! Look forward to knowing when! Good luck!! Smiley Happy