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Re: In the underwriting wait!

Hi there JPersat! I am SO glad I came across your post! We too are going through DR Horton! We're purchasing a home in St. Cloud. It's been such a nightmare for us so far. I have yet to hear if our file has FINALLY been submitted to USDA (the loan we are going for). It's been a back and forth battle with them, well with the LO really. We started in March but because our credit needed a little "booster" we were set up with their Home Buyer's Club. It is a great program but sheesh when you have incompetent people helping you it can really ruin the experience for first time home buyers! My issue was never with our Coach for the program but with our LO! We've been on top of EVERYTHING they ask us to do or provide, but when you expect the same in return, it does not happen!!!


When did you start the process with them if you do not mind me asking?


Last we heard from them was last Friday early afternoon to sign ONE more document before they send it to "underwriting for final approval" and determine if our file is in deed ready to be submitted over to USDA. The most frustrating thing of all is our LO told it was okay to let our apartment complex know we were moving, this was back in early August. Where we live we MUST provide a 60 day notice to avoid apying a penalty. Something I ALWAYS emphasized with our LO. It was really hard to get straight answerd from this person. Still is!!


NOW, we have until the 18th of this month and still no closing date!!!! Luckly we have my in-laws that are okay with us moving in until we hear from them, but could you imagine if we didn't?!? We will officialy be "homeless" come next week Thursday!! This has been such an inconvenience yet alone nerve wrecking experience for us!!


I am really, really NOT happy with their mortgage process!!! We too will be going their Title Service and Home Owners Insurance, but their mortgage process is by far the worst!


Hope you guys are doing far better than us, good luck!