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Loan Officers Duty

I  just had to post to see if anyone else in here has dealt with issues with their LO. Are they not suppose to keep you up to date on ALL that is going on with your loan application no matter if it si good or bad??? Shouldn't clients NOT have to feel "scared" to call them for fear of feeling as if you are a "bother" to them, when it is their job and duty to be there no matter what?


Our LO has dropped the ball on our application process numerous times and I'm at a point that I want to call everyday to follow up!! A few had we not "followed up" would have bit us in the behind!! But at the same time I do not want to do so for fear of getting on their bad side and possibly cause them to do something that can jeopordize loan application.


We are in limbo and do not know if our file has been submitted over to USDA for final underwriting review and approval!! Our clock is ticking on our end and we are running out of time! I have allowed 3 days to go by with no answer from them. This is driving me crazy!!! Smiley Mad


Suggestions anyone????