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I have a judgment that shows on nothing but...

When I applied for my mortgage through this program the bank was having i was preapproved and then they ran it again and dug deeper and saw the judgment/restituion i have to pay that i have been paying since i got it in 2008. So the bank said if the goverment isnt willing to let them get first dibs then they cant give me the loan. Is there anyway to apply for a mortgage while making your payments on your restituion on time? i owe 33,000 which i dont see me paying that of anytime soon. I BEEN PAYING THE GOVERMENT ON TIME AS WE AGREED MONTHLY. DOESNT SHOW ON ANY CREDIT bureau. bUT WHEN I DID THE ABOVE AND THEY WENT DEEPER IT POPPED UP. ARE THERE ANY OTHER PROGRAMS I CAN GET INTO?


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