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inspections and taxes
I'm schedule to close by December 7. I have two questions.

Should I pay for a pre- dry way I inspection on a new home. Builder is Centex / Pulte
What should I expect as far as first time home buyer tax credit.
As far as homeowner insurance , can someone recommend a company.

I'm in Houston Texas.
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Re: inspections and taxes
  1.  On the Inspection I had 10 days after I entered into the contract I had to pay that up front out of pocket.
  2.  I got quotes from quite a few Insurance Companies, but the lowest rate for me  was Allstate, great discounts once you combine Auto.
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Re: inspections and taxes

We had about 2 weeks to get an inspection done but we were on a tight close deadline I believe around 5 weeks, as far as first time home buyer tax credit forget it its done and gone but you will fine that you can deduct interest so that saves some money in taxes as far as homeowners insurance we went with AAA and it saved us as much as %50 compared to other...Good luck