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Re: Loan Officers Duty

I'm glad to see that I am not the only one with this issue.


Panda2108 THAT is exactly my husband's concern with our LO!! He has done numerous mistakes since the very beginning and it seems as if it takes someone else, like the Sales Rep who is selling us the house and my husband to let him know "hey, you missed this!" or "why do you not use this?" to let him realize he is not doing certain things right! At one point he was out of the office due to "Special Circumstances" we did not know until I sent him an email to ask where our updated docs were to sign, low and behold, I received an automated response stating he was out of the office, to please contact so and so. SO, I contact "so and so" asking for answers and where we stood, well turns out if was his boss's email. He calls me with this tone was not his usual "perky" self and made knwon that I had contact his boss. THAT right there made me upset and bothered!!


If he was up to speed and on top of our file we wouldn't be constantly harrassing the guy! But like my husband's says this is our money! This is a huge investment we are making, furthermore, we've had to shell out plenty of money to follow through with their "Home Buyers Club" we were placed in, in order achieve the scores we needed to move forward! So I will tell, you my husband will DEFINITELY cause some heads to roll if our loan gets denied by USDA!! 


Today I will be calling again as its been 4 days now with know answer, no status, no nothing! Plus, next week Thursday we must vacate our apartment and to where? My in-laws for the time being since THIS is another issue where our wonderful LO dropped the ball! How do you tell client it's okay to move out but not have a closing date???


Truly, truly frustrated here!! Smiley Mad Smiley Mad