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Re: Job loss and USDA loan?

Hi again page41989!


Sit tight and do not stress too much over it. At least you were very lucky enough to land another right away!! That is a blessing in disguise! :smileyhappy:


Wait until your LO contacts you back. They may be trying to so what they can do, but I doubt you would have issues since this was something beyond your control. My husband is dying to find another job, but we were told to sit tight becuase if he quits after landing a new job, they may put off our closing until he is done with his probation period (which usually is 90 days).


So maybe you will NOT lose the home, but possibly may have to wait it out until you pass your probation period. We are also going for a USDA loan so I think this is a USDA requirement, not sure though as we never asked. 


GOOD LUCK IT WILL HAPPEN!!!! :smileyhappy: