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Re: In the underwriting wait!
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Oh I LOVED our Home Buyer's Club coach! She was FANTASTIC!!!


The issue we are having is with our LO. Here we are day 4 and still no answer as to where our file stands! Has it been submitted to USDA? Is it still in their underwriting department? Did they end up with any other snags? Are we far along before it reaches USDA underwriting if it has not been sent yet? I mean, a simple email saying "Sorry for the delay, we should be done in "x" number of days" would sufice! Yes no news is good news when you know you have a dependable LO. Our process time has taken over a month!!!! This of course is because of mistakes our LO has been making throughout the process that my husband and I would catch sometimes and then inform him!!


Are you here in FL by any chance? Just curious to know if WE ended up with the same LO you guys had dumped. Smiley Surprised


We're trying to purchase a home in St. Cloud.


I just do not understand why it is so hard for this person to keep us in the loop!! Our days are counting down and so far it does NOT look like we will be closing anytime soon.... Smiley Sad


You on the other hand have at least a tentative date, we have nothing!! How frustrating!!


Good luck though!! Smiley Happy