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Re: Will credit card late payments keep me from getting a mortgage?

dciples wrote:




Three 30 day lates and one 60 day late; with the most recent 30 & 60 back in June and July.


I have since started working on getting my credit right. Since July, I have been on time and have paid down my credit card from over $700 down to $23 that has a CL of $320. My Cap 1 card will be reporting tomorrow 10/10/12 at a utilization of >8% from last month which it was reported at 104%.


Side question:


Based on the numbers I provided about my utilization, will that boost my score up? and what is the typical/average number of points?

if the were isolated incidents you should try and GW the lates but the above posters are correct mortgage companies want to see a clean past 12 months. Depending on what type of loan, scores, etc you may be able to write a LOE but you can always call around to different LO to see what they say...hope this helps