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False repossession on credit report

There is a repossession status on my credit report that shouldn't be there. I had gone through a messy divorce a few years ago where I fell many payments behind on my mortgage payment. I ended up selling the property myself before it got reposessed by the bank.


Now, here comes the problem. It states on my credit report that property was repossessed. I tried to dispute it to the credit bureau and brought them the sales document from the notary to show that I sold the house. After inquiring with the bank they say it has to stay on as is due to the amount of payments I missed. They did offer me to add an explation to my credit report. I need to write a statement up to a 100 words which would be added to my credit file enabling creditors to access my explanation. Can someone here advise me what I can write that would tell them that I did not go through a repossesion? 


I need to word it properly, up to 100 words. Please help.


Thank you.