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Re: Underwriting question

I had emailed her and called, awaiting for answers will make u crazy. My question was if she sent it for approval or just to make sure what she was given was enough. She just said to make sure the documents were "enough" and to make sure they did not need anything else. This to me sounds like it for approval, she did not say  that out right though. We are suppose to close on the 30th of this month. Not use to dealing with nonlocal banks, but most of the banks around here require a 640, one even told me they were going to a 680, but for right now 640 will get your application "looked at". This bank 640 for fha and 620 for convential. I am going convential with 20% down, this will be my second home if that makes a difference. But if this falls through I think I will get with the local bank i used at first, since my score is now over 640, they can close me in 2 weeks.