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Is there any way to get an FHA mortgage with disputes on your credit? My lender is telling me "yes, with a manual underwrite" but another lender is saying "no, let's remove the disputes." I'm afraid our scores will go down if we remove the disputes but I'm afraid to get to the end with my current lender and then have her say "sorry, can't do it." Advice?

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Re: Disputes

I went FHA and was told NO disputes. Yes, they would put me in manual UW and, yes, I'd be turned away.  I wouldn't want to go in with artificially inflated scores anyway as they do pull credit multiple times in the process (mine will be 3, including right before close).

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Re: Disputes

I had to have the disputes removed off my reports before approval. 

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Re: Disputes

I was told by my mortgage broker that I cleared automated and received an approval through DU however I have a current dispute with Experian which is my low score.  I also have dispute comments on Equifax and TU.  He wasn't concerned at all about the dispute or comments but I guess it's possible this could be an issue when my file is reviewed in underwriting. 

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Re: Disputes

We can all tell you that the process is one way, but who really knows? I had one item in dispute when I closed in Sept.