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A question about the HAND Department
I just needed some guidance regarding the HAND department since the new official NACA forums are not that great (i liked the old system better). We found a house that we like. We made an offer and it was accepted. The only problem is that our offer is the maximum loan we can get from NACA. We had the inspection done and it came back good except for a few minor items which amount to about $3K. Since we are at our loan maximum, we cannot rollover the costs of the repairs to our mortgage. My question is, if the seller refuses to make repairs, can we tell NACA that we will fund the repairs from our own funds when we get to closing? How do we get the clearance from HAND? Do I still need to get bids from contractors? I'm just trying to move this process as smooth as possible and think ahead. Thanks in advance. Desi.
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