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question about closing and mortgage payments
have a few questions that I hope you can answer.

1. Paying the home owner insurance in full for a year will save me on the policy. So if I do that will remove it from my monthly mortagege payment. ?

2. If a portion of taxes and homeowner insurance is collected as closing to put in a escrow account. Will that mean my mortgage payment will be less for x amount of months. ?

3. Its there a charge for keeping the escrow account? If yes can I instead pay the taxes when due and keep the tax money on a high yield savins account until the time comes to paid the taxes.

4. Same as hoa dues, can thy be paid when due and be keep in a high interest saving account. Hence I will earn interest on that money.

5.  What is UFMIP finance. ?

6. PMI is only required until 20% of the original loan is paid.(106,000). I'm correct? So if the market price decreases/increases won't affect or will it. So if gain enough equity I can request for PMI can be dropped??

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