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Re: How did you spend the first night in your new home?

LondonMassey wrote:
I ask this as I'm laying in the upstairs hallway, my chin resting on a folded up pillow and a sheet at my feet...

The kids are at daycare and it's just a little past midnight. I work crazy hours and figured that I'd go to the house and set up my recent thrift store finds that I collected in my trunk for this very night.

The house smells like fresh paint (I love it!), and the painters will be done tomorrow. Unfortunately, they turned the power off to almost every light and socket...

So, here I am, laying in the hallway next to where my washer and dryer will be in a few short days... my cell was dying and I needed an alarm to wake me up for work and it has the only working outlet besides the kitchen.

I can't sleep though... I just keep gazing around almost in tears trying to believe that it's all mine. A single mom of 3 kids making barely over minimum wage right now is a home owner...

Thank you again guys for cheering me on, making me stick it out the last 7 months, and letting me share my journey...

To the garden I go...


Congrats London! My husband and his friend moved all of our furniture out of storage while I was at work. Our bed frame was broken while we were in a rental house... so he just set up the king sized mattress on the floor until he could get some angle iron and 2×6 lumber and reconstruct our bed frame. Our first night in the new house was very x rated.

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