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Re: (Hopefully) My Journey to Homeownership (new: 10/15)

Had my final walk through today! Only one little thing on the punch list, but we got everything signed off.  He was submitting the papers this afternoon and telling the main office we are good to go (the punch list thing will be done tomorrow).  Of course, my mortgage person is out of the office today. Smiley Sad I called/emailed/called Smiley Wink to let her know we can move the closing date up, if possible.  I'm desperately hoping to get it done no later than a week from tomorrow as it works better with my schedule/life.


I did have a credit hiccup, so thank God for ScoreWatch!  Chase decided to randomly report a CC that I was apparently an AU on from my ex that had lates just a few months ago.  Dropped my score 30 points.  I was able to get it removed, thank goodness, but without SW, I never would have known and it could have really botched the closing since we have one more pull.


I've stopped procrastinating and finally started packing as it's beginning to feel real.  I won't be able to breathe, though, until the keys are in hand.

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