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Re: Closing on Refi on Oct 16, FINALLY!

webhopper wrote:



Delayed, They waited til yesterday to tell me that my non-purchasing spouse needed to be available tomorrow. 

My exact response was.  "My husband works in Arkansas, and he can't just pop in and sign docs then pop out.  Sorry but he is unavailable"  Smiley Sad

So we scheduled for Wednesday since he will be home tuesday night

Are you going through a credit qualifying streamline refinance like I went through (as in removing a coborrower)? We just finally closed on ours the first of September. We started the whole process in February. Everything was rolling along and got conditional approval in March. I then decided to pull the plug until June to keep my MIP rate the rate it is now, as opposed to seeing it go up more than double. We started the whole process over again in early June and just wrapped it up the first of September due to such a long backlog. But it was worth it as I got an even lower interest rate than I was given in March and my monthly MIP is still very low (.55%).


But before closing I had no idea both of us had to be there. We were doing this streamline in my wifes name so I figured I didn't even have to be there. But good thing I was there anyhow or we would of had to pospone. They needed me to sign off on docs from our old mortgage. Also, I didn't find out until an hour before closing that they needed a certified check for almost $2,000 to cover escrow. I eventually got some of this back (the overage after property taxes were paid) but it wasn't fun scrambling at the last minute to get them that check and waiting to get some of it back.