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Re: (Hopefully) My Journey to Homeownership (new: 10/19)

STILL waiting on the county paperwork to come back. Come to find out, it has NOTHING to do with the loan, but the builder will hold the house hostage until it comes back approved (something to do with a rebate of impact fees).  Not a happy camper.


File went back to the UW today for the clear to close after another credit pull and employment verification.  We COULD close on Tuesday IF the county gets its act together.  The file is supposedly in the "last stage" of approval, so should be "any day now".


We are mostly packed.  We are only moving about 5 miles, so a lot of it will be done in small trips as we go over to paint/prep for the furniture moving day which is booked for 10/30.  It's coming down to the wire!

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