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Preapproval letter!!!

After being denied a preapproval by NVR Mortgage, the mortgage arm of Ryan Homes, we went just to talk to a Suntrust Mortgage rep and ended up leaving with a preapproval letter! She also deeply explained the NVR Mortgage sheet of fee's we were given and basically explained to us in normal people English that we were getting ripped off and would have to come up with way more money than they were telling us on the front end. So be aware people of NVR Mortgage!

Starting Score:TransUnion: 698 (12 FEB 2010), Equifax: 674 (12 FEB 2010)
Current Score (Lender Pulled):TransUnion: 635 (15 APR 2015), Equifax: 685 (15 APR 2015), Experian: 662 (15 APR 2015)
Goal Score:All scores All scores at least 680+ by Jan 2016!!

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