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Re: (Hopefully) My Journey to Homeownership (new: 10/23)

The tension continues to rise...I had to do yet another LOE on Monday (meaning the file probably never made it to UW on Friday, like it was supposed to) for an NFCU savings account I opened in June (inq showed up).  The last credit pull appears to have been softs on all 3 CBRs, so that's a good thing, no new INQ before I need to apply for a Lowe's and NFCU cards!  Still waiting on the ding-dang county to get their rubber-stamped hineys in gear and get my paperwork processed for the builder.  Utilities are in my name and I've done every blasted thing that's been asked of me.  Just can't seem to get the builder to do the same. Smiley Mad


This week is just truly horrible for me at work, in life, and at home with everything converging in a perfect storm to test me.  My days are jam-packed with an annual inspection, out-of-town guests (not staying with me, thank heavens, but still needing my attention), meetings, obligations, doctor appointments, house stress, you name it.  I told my Dad at least my oxygen levels are good from all the deep-breathing I've been doing!


At this point, I just want my clear to close so I can make some firm plans around the painting/moving I need to get done this week.  Being a planner, this day-by-day stuff is the worst part. I work 3rd shift and I'm not getting any sleep since I keep waking up to check my phone for messages. ~sigh~  I want it to be Halloween and all over with.

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