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Re: Good Idea??

jcstarkey8826 wrote:

My fiance' and I have a good savings (6+ months all bills covered) and have a decent amount left over every month to keep contributing. Im 1 month away from dropping my monthly debt payments down $350/mo. 


I was thinking about buying a nice small house (40k and under) and renting it out. My hope is that my mortgage payment is so low that I can replace the debt I am losing, and not notice a difference. Ive found several properties and have a few co-workers already interested in renting if I buy. Average rent for the area is $750 for this size home, and my estimated mtg for this house will be around $300. Im talking to a lawyer this weekend to see what legalities I need to adhere to.


If I proceed and buy this home, will I be able to get another mortgage next year for my own living? Obviously I know I'll claim the income on taxes and am asking this as a hypothetical, being that Im assuming my DTI to be the same as it is now, worst case scenario.... best case, it goes up because of the extra monthly income.


Will this cause headaches by having two mortgages?

The rule of thumb is that you must have 2 years worth of rental history to claim it as an income source... so if you were to buy a home this year for 40k, and buy a home next year for ???K (primary residence)...  You won't be able to claim the rental income.   My suggestion would be to do a 30 yr conventional loan on the house that you wanna use as an investment, to keep your payment low, then refinance it to a 15 yr note, or just pay double payments after you buy the new house...

Investment properties require a larger down payment than principle residence properteis...  You could buy this little 40k home using a conventional mortgage as a principle residence, and move into it for a year, and then move up in house next year with the new house that you plan to live in long term.  The $300/month payment will allow you to save a ton of money, and your down payment requirement on the 40k house will be much less, allowing you to keep money in savings.  

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