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Just Started and Already Issues

As of Friday, both my husband and mine credit was pulled for pre-approval. We have pretty good credit scores my mid score was 752 and his was 667. However, there is a collection account that is on his credit with dispute comments. We have no idea where these comments came from as we never disputed the item. Instead of the LO telling me on Friday that this would be an issue, she just sent me our credit reports and never said anything.


As of today, she told me that we needed to have it "taken care of". I had no idea what "taken care of" means. Does this mean that we should pay it or should we try to get the comments deleted. Her response was you can do one of the other.


I am so confused and she is offering no help, she didn't even know that we already signed a contract with the Castle Rock Homes.  I already feel like she is not going to  be helpful in the process at all, but we were sent to this lender by the Castle Rock and if we are financed with them, the Castle Rock  will pay our closing costs.


Can someone tell me what we should do? How do we begin to even get the dispute comments deleted?