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Re: At the underwriter for a week now

beb86 wrote:

webhopper wrote:
When your file is at the underwriters; no news is good news... Keep positive Smiley Happy

haha +100 its a whole lot worse when the call you every day needing this and that 

When they want this and that, it means that your file is marginal and they are beefing it up...


On my most recent journey, the FHA Streamline Refi...  All they needed was most recent paystubs, and bank account statements, along with a letter of explanation for deposits and where they came from.


That part was easy because my deposits had come from expense reimbursements, rent received from tenants of the subject property, and normal payroll. 


I also got a settlement from my insurance for a vehicle which was owned free and clear.  The vehicle was involved in a collision, and was declared a total loss while in the underwriting process.  The payout was $13k, so I had to write a standalone letter and provide documentation from the claim.

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