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Has anyone found it easier to get a mortgage threw a new home builder vs a outside lender? My husband and I have been working on our credit for over a year and have come from the high 400's to the mid 600's and we are using a VA loan. My husband finally got his mid score to the 620's in July but we were denied  in UW due to a 30 day late that wasn't  12 months til this past Sept. We tried again in Oct with a lender and we had mid scores of 646 and mines 660. But they wanted to remove all the dispute comments off before putting it threw UW well it took way longer then expected and once every dispute was finally cleared the lender has gotten impatient and I ended up getting better results with the help of the forum getting it removed my self. So they stopped returning emails and messages. I was driving one day and ended up finding a new construction site. We spoke to them and they had a home that originaly had been started by someone but they could not get the home due to finances. (great for us) long story short they ran our scores and we are using the in house lender to get that closing cost covered and our scores took a slight drop due to so many pulls.
They said that they can get us in by first of Dec!!!!!! My question is with my husband at 638 and I now at 650 mid we have all disputes removed all items pais no new collections that 30day late was 12months in Sept, will we have problems getting our home? Some had told me the in house mortgages can get you in a home! Please share.............