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Re: In-House Mortgage Brokers

K_J wrote:

I am also buying a Ryan home in the DC metro, however, I don't think you are required to use NVR unless they are giving you free options/incentives. you could always sort  your own financing besides if you get a lower interest rate they are required to match it, if they couldn't you could keep their incentives plus use your own lender. someone correct me if I'm wrong. 

^^^yes, this is right. The OP is correct in his anaysis too. The seller can not force you to close with their inhouse lender, but you do have to make application with them and get approved by them in order to use your own financing. Most of the builders use this method because not only do they build in "fat" closing costs but they bump the rate a litte too. If you make application with an outside lender you almost always get a better deal even when taking the builder incentives into account.