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Re: Sad Day :(

Thanks guys. I know what you all mean and I do not mean to sound like I am blaming other people for my debt. The only reason I refused to pay was because the normal tactics of a CA. I.E being called immature, irresponsible, and sorry. Just because I offered a 200 a month payment plan, and I couldn't meet there 2k down and 450 a month or so plan. I offered to pay through the OC but they once again referred me to Arrow to make payments, who still won't accept my payment plan. Also, I would not be lying in regards to the debt on the Mortgage application. It still will show I owe the debt. It wasn't the fact I owe it the underwriter was concerned about, it was the fact it still was reporting 120 day lates but closed and another CA was trying to collect it. They wanted me to clear that up. I know now I sound like an irresponsible person. But I am not, I am just being cautious with a debt I cannot afford to pay in full.

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