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Question about mortgage inquire and possibly being denied.

Ok, asraised as of 2 days ago I wanted to see if my scores was matching what I've been pulling here on my FICO incomparison with lenders. A broker pulled my scores and they were 620/620/657. Now, he told me I pre qualified, but he could certainly pre approve me if I sent income forms, ID, etc. the only problem is the first time home buy program I wanted to go through in my state needed a score of 640 in order to get down payment assistance, and theinterest rate is 2.75% whereas I'm hearing FHA is a 3%-3.5%


So, my main question is, I know I can get my score up another 15-20 points in two months but now I am worried since he pulled my scores with a hardmpull and when I try to reapply in another month or two, I will probably get denied because of the score pull. Am I over worrying or am I in the clear since I didn't actually apply for anything but just a hard pull from a mortgage broker?


Thanks I really need to know.

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