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Re: USDA loan in Florida

Hi All,


Are any of you dealing with DR Horton by chance? Some of your stories sound just like my nightmare. I had my home built, signed the contract back in May and was promised to close by Sept 30th. Hahaha!! USDA is very backed up but I blame DR Horton and the finance department. They should have started this process much sooner than they did. My file sat on their desk for 2 weeks, I feel the only reason it was picked up was because I emailed wondering what was goign on. They said that underwriteing should only take 2 weeks but they would try to make it quicker.. they took 4 weeks and my file was not submitted to USDA until 11/02. My house is complete now and waiting for me to close. I need to be out of my current place by 12/01 and USDA is only working on files submitted 10/3-10/8. Better than last week, took them a whole week to move through 1 day of files. I am going to be homeless for the holidays and I am furious with the builder. I feel like it has been nothing but empty promises.. telling me what I want to hear but in all reality the situation is much worse. I have 2 kids, 2 dogs and no Christmas if they can't get me in by then. The whole process sucks and I wished I never decided to go down this road. I had intially put a contract on a different house, but when I found out I could have a new home built I decided to go that route. I truly wish I had just stayed with my intiial decision. I feel so bad for my kids, it isn't their fault and I am really tempted to walk away. Then we have to start over though and I really don't know what is worse.. starting over or just sticking it out.