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Re: USDA loan in Florida

Oh my gosh tay0509!! Smiley Surprised


YES! I too am dealing with DR Horton!!!! My husband and I are beyond furious with them! Smiley Mad Smiley Mad


We too feel our loan officer sat on our file for "assuming" USDA was on track when in reality they have been behind for quite sometime! Thankfully for us, we have been able to stay at my in-laws. We were told in mid August that it was fine to let our apartment complex leasing office know that we were terminating our lease. We were being given a proposed closing date of 9/28 no later than the first week of October, but the mistake here was is that it WAS NOT a confirmed closing date! Well here we are 11/19 and still HOMELESS!! Our time was up with our old apartment complex on Oct the 18th so we have been homeless for a month!


We've had a lot of issues with this particular loan officer (I do not want to name names in this forum to avoid any legal issues, just in case) but this person has been incompetent to say the least!  Our questions would go unresponsive or the response would be completely irrelevent to what was being asked, they would provide us with inaccurate information and just did not seemed up to par with the whole financing process with USDA. Yet this person has over 20+ years experience with USDA loans?!?! Really??? Hmmmmmmm, during the last 8-9 months my husband and I still lack seeing how well experience they really are! NO ONE seems to want to take the blame for what has been happening with our file! We've been lied to several times and even in our face when we would confront them with issues at hand! Truly, truly unprofessional!! 


We too disagree with them solely blaming USDA, when in reality it is THEIR fault!! "Assuming" all was well with USDA's filing process WITHOUT properly confirming is a huge NO! NO! It took ME all on my own, to make contact with someone at the USDA office to get clear answers and turnaround time! How ridiculous is that?! I do not even work within the mortgage industry; however, I had more up-to-date information than our sales AND loan officer had! That is also how I was able to catch them in their own lies a few times!! But again, they just will NOT admit their fault that they literally dropped the ball on our file and THIS is why we are, where we are, HOMELESS!!! Smiley Mad


I can go on and on and on about our nightmare, but I would take up way too much of your time! Just know that you are surely NOT alone on this matter!


If you need more details do not hesitate to contact me here! You can say that during this experience, I have been slowly becoming very informed on the whole USDA process!!


Just so you know, our property is in Saint Cloud.




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