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Re: Evaluating Conventional vs. FHA (VA & USDA)
If my credit score is 704 EX, 703 EQ and 631 TU how is that figured?
Also, I am disabled on SSDI, I was told by the LO that because I do not pay taxes they would figure my income higher.
My income is $1765 a month.
I do not have savings but was told on an FHA loan the government would give me 5% down..
Is this true?
Also, I have no debt, except for a $255 debt that is due to fall off in December/2012
In 1 month..
Should I wait to process my loan then considering my score will increase dramatically.
Additionally, I am on 2 cards as an AU, my credit goes only back 1 year for myself, alone, except for a car loan from 2008 which that will be paid off in February, how will that affect me?
I am looking at a $105k loan. It is about $400 more to rent in my area (Arizona) than it is to buy.
Any help on these questions is appreciated.
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