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We closed WITH Charge offs! It can be done!
Two weeks ago today, we closed! Over the last 10 months or so I have spent countless hours reading MyFico, figuring out what to pay, what to leave, how to GW, how to dispute, just FIXING our messed up situation! We finally closed on our home, thanks to everyone's advice here. A quick snapshot of our current credit:

642 & 647 mid Fico scores. First, the bad, Foreclosure from 2008, an unpaid non recourse 2nd mortgage, 2 paid collections, several settled charge offs, and 4 unpaid charge offs ranging from $700-$3200. Also, another charge off for over $11k that we settled, but were not required to! The good: 2 auto loans, only one late pay 18 mos ago, 2 credit cards, and 2 student loans. No other lates within 4 years. Our DTI is pretty low also.. 26%. I will say that I could not sleep the entire process.. My loan officer was horrible at following up, but he was doing something right apparently! We were prepared to pay everything off if asked, but never required to. If it helps, this was new construction using the builder's preferred lender Academy Mortgage. A lot of prayer and all the support from you great people got us here... THANK YOU ALL!
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