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Re: Score needed to Rent?
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For the most part atleast here in the Northeast your credit score is really third concern for  most landlords.. First is your income and job, next is your past rental history which is pretty important and then credit criminal etc.. Honestly a lot of landlord property managers don't even check your credit some will say they will just to see if you say anything first.

If you are looking at a community type property they tend to be a little stricter but even they have eased up on their requirements.. 


There is a system out there that has people who have broken leases and not paid rent but I don't think it used that much since it is used pretty much by larger companies.


I get a kick of of places who do a criminal check.. Any one who thinks they are getting a good or even decent background check for $20 or $30 is sadly mistaken. For a good background check your looking at a couple hundred dollars and up. In some states a person actually has to go to a court house to even get a record.