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Re: DoI qualify for a mortgage?
Wow! Thanks for all the information!
I forgot to add that I have a CD that has about $900, I can pull this out for only a $35 penalty charge.
I can have $4000 by February but I can not prove where the money comes from..
I keep cash in my safety deposit box.. Is this going to be an issue?
Another option is to give $$ to BF and have him transfer it to my account. But how far back do they need to go to see it in my savings?
Additionally, my savings account is an UTMA account which means it has been transferred into my daughters name but I have FULL access to it.
Do I need to open a new savings account in my name only?
I know I have more questions.. Is it a problem if I ask while I think if them ?
Thanks again, you guys are awesome!
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