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Re: Step 1: Prequal went smoothly

I really appreciate the reassurances, guys.  People keep telling me this . . . I may even start to believe it!


No, I didn't pull the TU from here.  At $20 a pop, it didn't seem worth it. 


I can tell you that I came in to the loan officers with confidence that I have a clean credit report, good scores, and with copies of all my documents ready to hand over.  I could see them practically turning handstands.  Such a difference from most of my adult life when I lived in fear and couldn't get a loan for squat.  It really does pay to keep on top of your credit.  Wish I'd known that before.


Hoping to sign the purchase contract tomorrow.  Then it will be underwriting, inspections, title commitments, etc.  I'm also very fortunate to have unlimited expert legal advice and a good agent.